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High Court of Delhi Ruling 2009

The ruling of the court in response to a challenge by Naz Foundation of a section of the criminal code that criminalized non-heterosexual sex. The Yogyakarta Principles are referenced in the ruling (see page 36&37).



Yogyakarta Principles – the Comic! This comic book was developed by Institut Pelangi Perempuan (Indonesian Youth LBT Women Center) to disseminate information on The Yogyakarta Principles amongst young queer community in Indonesia. This comic is an effort to “translate” the principles into youth-friendly language. The story in this comic book is inspired by the real life story of a number of young queer women in Indonesia.



Raise awareness of the Principles, and use existing mechanisms to prevent human rights violations against the LGBTI community.



Summary of a Supreme Court of Nepal Ruling 2007 The recognition of LGBTIs as a marginalized group.

Unofficial Translation of the Supreme Court Ruling 2007



Ang Ladad LGBT Party vs. Commission on Elections G.R. No. 190582, 08 April 2010. The Supreme Court ruled that the Principles do not constitute binding obligations on the Philippines.