National Human Rights Bodies


INADI National Institute Against Discrimination


  • Homofobico: Petitioner claims for holding of anti-gay meeting, INADI considered the meeting to be disriminatory, used Principles as guidelines, 2009
  • Dictamen 29 2009: Petitioner (teacher) was discriminated for gender identity, used Principles as legal framework and to define gender identity
  • Dictamen 104 2008: Complaint of discrimination when donating blood, quotes Principles as legal framework
  • Dictamen 137 2008: Petitioner (transsexual) was discriminated for gender identity, used Principles as legal framework
  • MERCOSUR Meeting: Document presented at MERCOSUR meeting, quotes Principles as guidelines, 2007

Czech Republic

Committee for Sexual Minorities

The Committee for Sexual Minorities set up within the Government Council for Human Rights in 2009 uses the Yogyakarta Principles as a guidance document for its work. The seats on the Committee are divided between government authorities and civil society representatives. The Committee analyzes the situation and rights of sexual minorities in the Czech Republic and, like the Council’s other committees, may present to the Council proposals concerning legislative amendments, changes to the procedures followed by government authorities, and solutions to other problems facing sexual minorities. For example, the Committee helped create a handbook on “Homophobia in the Classroom” and recommendations for the media how to treat and present to the public different sexual identities. [A/HRC/WG.1/14/CZE/1 – National report, UPR Czech Republic, 14th session, October 2012]


Raise awareness of the Principles, and use existing mechanisms to prevent human rights violations against the LGBTI community

New Zealand

Human Rights Commission

To Be Who I Am: Report of the Inquiry into Discrimination Experienced by Transgender People – This report was completed in 2007 and looks at three areas of discrimination faced by transgendered people; their experiences, access to health services and barriers to legal recognition of gender status.

The New Zealand Human Rights Commission also supported a major huan rights conference in March 2011 as part of the 2nd Asia Pacific OutGames, to draw attention to the role that NHRIs can play in promoting the Yogyakarta Principles