Non-Governmental Initiatives


Thematic Resolutions of the Forum on the participation of NGOs at the November 2009 session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights.


Barriers that exist for men who have sex with men to access sexual and reproductive services

The report published in 2008, examines the barrier that gay males face in accessing health and medical services in Belize. The Yogyakarta Principles are referenced in the Literature Review (see page 15).


NGOs Letter to Congress: The letter addresses the issue of same-sex marriage and references the Priniciples (in Spanish)


Submission made by SASOD on the reform of sexual offences legislation

A summary of the submission made in 2007 by the Society Against Sexual Orientatoin Discrimination (SASOD) to the government which references the Yogyakarta Principles (see page 11).


Yogyakarta Principles – the Comic! This comic book was developed by Institut Pelangi Perempuan (Indonesian Youth LBT Women Center) to disseminate information on The Yogyakarta Principles amongst young queer community in Indonesia. This comic is an effort to “translate” the principles into youth-friendly language. The story in this comic book is inspired by the real life story of a number of young queer women in Indonesia. COMING SOON!


My Way, Your Way, or The RIGHT Way – Implementing the Yogyakarta Principles in Kenya A publication of G-Kenya Trust. A document outlining how the Principles can be used to reinforce human rights law for the LGBTI community in Kenya.

In addition, the G-Kenya Trust has created the following supporting documents:

Activity Guide to advance how the Principles can be used

Training Manual to advance how the Principles can be used

Norther Ireland

Norther Ireland Lesbian Line NGO Report: Submission to UN Committee overseeing CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against women). The Principles are referenced  on page 5.


Abriendo el Diálogo sobre Diversidad Sexual en Aula y Comunidad: A Guide for Teachers and Activists about Sexual Diversity.  By Proyecto SaluDDHHable, 2010. The theory and content are based on the Principles, see pages 16 & 17.


Courage Unfolds (IGLHRC)

The video highlights the issues faced by LGBT people in Asia as a way to make the Yogyakarta Principles accessible in layman’s terms. The video shows how the Yogyakarta Principles are a relevant and effective tool that LGBT activists can use in their advocacy for human rights.

Courage Unfolds global map of activities

Film – Courage Unfolds