Yogyakarta Principles +10




We have commemorated the 10th anniversary of the Yogyakarta Principles.

On November the 26th, 2016, Yogyakarta Principles turned 10 years since they have been released. We celebrated this anniversary with actions to highlight the impact the Principles have had on the lives of LGBT people, the potential they created for civil society, and the work that needs to be done going forwards. From September 16th to the 18th, 2017 a Group of Experts tasked with finalizing a set of additional principles and state obligations to the Yogyakata Principles on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, aiming to take on board new developments in international law with respect to sexual orientation and gender identity.

On 10 November, 2017, Additional Principles and State Obligations on the Application of International Human Rights Law in Relation to Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics to Complement the Yogyakarta Principles were adopted.

This new set supplements the Yogyakarta Principles. The YP plus 10 document emerged from the intersection of the developments in international human rights law with the emerging understanding of violations suffered by persons on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity and the recognition of the distinct and intersectional grounds of gender expression and sex characteristics.

You can see the new set in English here, and in French here

Download YP+10 in PDF here

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  • TRANScending Beautiful. Photographer Darvesh Singh first solo exhibition showcases portraits of transgendered individuals highlighting the Yogyakarta Principles.