TRANScending Beautiful

Photographer Darvesh Singh first solo exhibition from March 3-9, 2017. The exhibition is titled – TRANScending Beautiful and showcases portraits of transgendered individuals highlighting the ‘Yogyakarta Principles’.

TRANScending Beautiful features portraits of transgendered individuals (hijras and kothis) as photographered in the last one year. Hijras, as neither men nor women, function as an institutionalized third gender role: Their ambiguous sexual nature, through which they embody the power of generativity of the goddess, accounts for their traditional occupation, that of performing after the birth of a child, at weddings and at temple visits. (Neither Man nor Woman The Hijras of India – Serene Nanda). Kothi is an effiminate man who sometimes dress like woman and show varying degrees of being effimninate.

TRANScending Beautiful is inspired by and explores the beautiful yet mystical, recognizable yet viewless world of hijras and kothis through a series of portarits. As Steve McCurry puts The photograph is an undeniably powerful medium. Free from the contraints of language, and the harnessing the unique qualities of a single moment frozen in time. This project attempts to mainstream the lives of hijras and kothis. Abusive, negligence, stigma and discrimination stemming from social and legal environment are harsh relaities of their lives and breed extreme phobia and hatred against them.

TRANScending Beautiful aims to  break the myths surrounding hijras and kothis so that they forever become beautiful humans in our collective consciousness. There are twenty-nine portraits and each captures the Yogyakarta Principles.

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Venue:  Kala Srot Kendra – A1/9B, Sector B – Near Aligunj Post Office – Lucknow – 226024 – Uttar Pradesh – India.